Academic Year and Language of Instruction in Brazil

Academic Year in Brazil

According to the National Education Bases and Guidelines Law of Brazilian Education (Lei de Diretrizes e Bases da Educacao), the academic year in Brazil, must have at least 200 days, both at schools and at universities. 

School Academic Year-

The school year usually starts in early February and is split into 2 semesters. There is a 2-week long winter vacation in July. This first term of the school year runs till the June end and the second term starts at the beginning of August. This term goes on till early December when the school summer/Christmas holiday starts. Summer vacations follow the end of the school year in December and January. 

In the northernmost tropical regions of Brazil, the school year begins in early September and ends in the final week of June, following the practice of countries further north.

Universities Academic Term-

The academic terms of Universities in Brazil are established as periods (periodo) or semesters (semestre). Many of the academic degree programmes in Brazil are of 8 semesters which lasts for 4 years, or 10 semesters lasting 5 years. 

Language of Instruction in Brazil

In Brazil, almost all public schools use Brazilian Portuguese as the language of instruction, but no law forbids the use of other languages in private disciplines. Other European languages such as English, German, Italian or French are also used in many Brazilian schools. Public schools also have compulsory English and Spanish, but only once or twice a week.
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