Contact Details of Educational Accreditation Bodies Brazil

Education in Brazil is administered by an organisation of ministries and government bureaus that work collectively at the municipality, state and central/federal level. Municipalities are responsible for the provision and supervision of early childhood education. The states and central district are accountable for providing primary and secondary education. The central government is responsible for the stipulation of education in its associations and the supervision of private institutions. 

The following educational bodies supervise and govern education in Brazil.

The Ministry of Education (Ministerio da Educacao)

The Minister of Education 
Ministries, Bl L - 8th Floor - Office. 
70047-900 - Brasilia - DF 
Phone: (61) 2022-7828(61) 2022-7828 / 7822/7823/7830 

Department of Higher Education (Secretaria de Educacao Superior)

Phone: 0800 6161610800 616161

National System of Higher Education Assessment (Sistema Nacional da Avaliacao da Educacao Superior )


National Commission for Higher Education Evaluation-CONAES (Commisao Nacional de Avaliacao da Educacao Superior)

Headquarters of the National Council of Education - CNESGAS, Av South L2, Block 607, Lot 50 - Ground Floor - Room 16. 
70200-670 - Brasilia - DF 
Tels: (61) 2022-7680(61) 2022-7680 / 7642/7781/7644 
Fax: 2022-7796 

National Board of Education-CNE (Conselho Nacional de Educacao)

Address: SGAS, Av South L2, Block 607, Lot 50 - 70200-670 - Brasilia - DF.
Phone: (61) 2022-7700(61) 2022-7700

The Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior)


Council of Rectors of Brazilian Universities (Conselho de Reitores das Universidades Brasileiras)

Email: or
Phone: (61) 3349-9010
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