Brazil as a Study Destination

Known for fanatics of football (soccer), fascinating people, distinctive flora, fauna and quality education makes Brazil a thrilling destination. Brazil is a warm and welcoming country having beautiful and cheerful people, diverse and rich cultural melting pot, and diversity in education.

Brazil is a mix of contemporary and cosmopolitan cities. The two largest cities in Brazil are Rio De Janeiro, the tourism capital, and Sao Paulo is the financial capital. Brazil covers almost half of South America and is the continent's largest country.

Brazil has a compact system of rivers that covers the Amazon, Negro and Parana Rivers. The Amazon River has the largest volume of water carried in any river in the world and is the second longest river on Earth

One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Christ Redeemer statue, is in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Reasons to Study in Brazil

Pleasing and exquisite beaches, samba rhythm and a party ambience – who wouldn’t study a degree in Brazil? Let us read through the the reasons to study in Brazil-

Worldwide Recognition 

Brazil is the largest Portuguese-speaking country and the fifth-largest country in the world.  Brazil has made noteworthy improvements and advancements in the field of science and technology in the last century.  Brazil possesses many internationally recognized Universities. The Brazilian qualifications are known and accepted throughout the globe.

Quality Education

Brazil's multiplicity and outstanding growth capability describe its educational system. The Brazilian educational system provides quality education at all levels. The Brazilian education comprises of the basic education that includes early childhood education, primary, secondary and vocational schools, as well as higher education. 

Great Opportunities

Brazil is a home to top-class universities. A number of multinational companies recruit employees from Brazilian universities. Brazil is a land of Opportunities.

Easy Going Academic Environment

Brazil provides an easy-going academic environment. People in Brazil are friendly, joyful and eager to interact with people from other countries. 

Cultural Diversity

Brazil is a multi-ethnic nation. It is a home to a diverse mix of races, religion, culture and values. By studying in Brazil, you can experience the blend of influences in every facet of Brazilian life. 

Learn Portuguese

Brazil is the largest Portuguese speaking nation in the world. If you wish to learn Portuguese, Brazil is the perfect place to learn the language. 

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Acceptance Letter: Carry the acceptance letter along with you.
  • Apply for a passport, or check the validity of the passport (It must be valid for at least six months after your return date).
  • Apply for student visa.
  • Book airline tickets.
  • Buy Health Insurance valid in Brazil.
  • Arrange Accommodation in Brazil.
  • Key address and contact numbers: keep them with you at all times.
  • Education Records: Academic history and university transcripts.
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